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Raise money to cure diabetes while simultaneously developing your own case of diabetes!

I should’t be surprised to see this. But I still am.



I should point out that this isn’t new–it dates back to 2011–but it was shared with me this week, so it is new to me!

Nutrition, exercise, and health information can be confusing. 
But it doesn't have to be that way.
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What is your second chance New Year’s Resolution?

Last week I was a guest on the RadioMD show, Train Your Body, to talk about the idea of using this transition from summer into fall as a second chance to revisit stalled or failed New Year’s Resolutions. In the discussion, Melanie Cole (the host) asked listeners to share their Second Chance New Year’s Resolutions.

I figured I would play along, too. Here’s mine…

Version 2

I registered to complete a fitness challenge at our campus Wellness Center called PacerFit. It is a 12-week program with weekly workouts that are scored based on performance (time to complete, weight lifted, reps completed, etc.). Most of the participants are students–many of them mine–so the pressure is on!

This is part of a broader goal of mine to shift my focus from exercise for health to exercise for fitness. For the past several years, my activity and exercise habits have been more geared to meeting health goals. But this seems like a good time to start doing more real training for the purpose of improving fitness. And the PacerFit challenge seems like a good way to start.

Good luck with your second chance New Year’s resolution!

Nutrition, exercise, and health information can be confusing. 
But it doesn't have to be that way.
What can I help you with? |

100% natural flavors, 100% fake sugar.



Made from real ginger.

Ginger ale label

With plenty of fake sugar.

Thanks to my phone and my chair, my spine hates me!

I saw an article in the Atlantic recently about the stress that looking down at your iPhone puts on your neck. There is more to the story, but the graphic in the article makes it obvious that looking down like that for extended periods multiple times per day certainly isn’t natural.


This reminded me of a similar graphic describing the effects of prolonged sitting on the spine (and elsewhere)  in the Washington Post earlier this year.


No wonder back pain is such a huge problem!



What’s wrong with the way we eat, according to Jim Gaffigan.

I happened to catch a segment of the public radio show Here & Now yesterday afternoon. The guest was comedian Jim Gaffigan, who has a new book out, called Food: A Love Story. Food is a common topic in his comedy.

Anyway, in the discussion, he made a joke that I think perfectly describes what is wrong with the way we think about food. I’m paraphrasing a bit, but basically he says:

Artists have long painted bowls of fruit because no one will touch the fruit. There are no famous paintings of donuts because someone will eat them before the painting is complete.

That’s funny, at least partly because it is true. And that’s the problem.

My kids will be thrilled to learn that they don’t have to eat vegetables anymore!

According to this video from SCI CODE’s Coma Niddy (via The Kid Should See This), there is no such thing as vegetables.  What we think of as vegetables are really fruits, roots, stems, and leaves.

That said, these formerly-known-as-vegetables are still really good for us and we should eat them.

While my kids will thrilled to learn that they don’t need to eat “vegetables” anymore, I suspect they will be less amused by a plate full of tubers and legumes.


How to encourage people to use the stairs? Make it fun!

This isn’t new, but it is a neat way to encourage people to take the stairs.