Today I am celebrating Food Day with…an apple!

Specifically, this apple.

2013-10-24 15.59.46
This past weekend my family was visiting the upstate and we took the kids to pick apples at Bryson’s Apple Orchard. Not only did we get a bunch of delicious apples, but the kids got to learn a little about where apples come from. As kids tend to do, they ate as they picked, and noticed immediately that the fresh-picked apples were much tastier than the ones from the grocery store. They even got to meet “Farmer Bryson,” who appreciated our business and the kids’ enthusiasm.
And this is the point of Food Day: learning where food comes from, eating fresh foods, and supporting local farmers. I tried to explain this to my kids while we were driving home from the farm, but they were more interested in eating the apples they had just picked!


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