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Exercise and weight loss…again!

Exercise and weight loss…again!

Yes, exercise does work to promote weight loss. In fact, weight loss by exercise alone results in greater fat loss and preserves muscle compared to weight loss by diet. It’s true.

But you probably shouldn’t try to lose weight by exercise alone. The best results will come from combining diet and exercise.

Yes, it is possible to lose weight and keep it off. But it is difficult, as this article explains so elegantly. Difficult, not impossible.





The Hunger Games workout

You can lose weight and get in shape like Katniss and Peeta with Train Like a Tribute at New York Sports Club.

Especially if you had popcorn while you watched the movie. At 1,200 calories for a medium size serving, you may need to go to more than one class!


10 Stubborn Exercise Myths that Won’t Die, Debunked by Science

10 Stubborn Exercise Myths that Won’t Die, Debunked by Science

I contributed to an article about exercise myths. Check it out! 


How to Spot Added Sugar on Food Labels

How to Spot Added Sugar on Food Labels

If you want to reduce your intake of added sugars you will need to carefully read the labels on the prepackaged food you eat. Unfortunately, “sugar” is listed under over a dozen different names. This should help.


The Toxic Truth About Sugar

The Toxic Truth About Sugar

The topic of sugar intake and health isn’t really new, but this recent comment in the journal Nature reviewed the health effects and made (controversial) suggestions for regulating sugar in the food supply. It’s a good read, even fif you are not a scientist.