What is your second chance New Year’s Resolution?

Last week I was a guest on the RadioMD show, Train Your Body, to talk about the idea of using this transition from summer into fall as a second chance to revisit stalled or failed New Year’s Resolutions. In the discussion, Melanie Cole (the host) asked listeners to share their Second Chance New Year’s Resolutions.

I figured I would play along, too. Here’s mine…

Version 2

I registered to complete a fitness challenge at our campus Wellness Center called PacerFit. It is a 12-week program with weekly workouts that are scored based on performance (time to complete, weight lifted, reps completed, etc.). Most of the participants are students–many of them mine–so the pressure is on!

This is part of a broader goal of mine to shift my focus from exercise for health to exercise for fitness. For the past several years, my activity and exercise habits have been more geared to meeting health goals. But this seems like a good time to start doing more real training for the purpose of improving fitness. And the PacerFit challenge seems like a good way to start.

Good luck with your second chance New Year’s resolution!

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