Keep your cool. How to exercise, work, and play safely in the heat.

My Health & Fitness column in the Aiken Standard this week is about exercising, working, and playing safely in the summer heat. By planning ahead and taking frequent breaks, you can help make your outdoor time safer and more fun for everyone.

You can learn more about exercise in the heat (both low-sci and high-sci information) from the American College of Sports Medicine:

Preparing for and Playing in the Heat (this is a low-sci article)

Exertional Heat Illness  During Training and Competition  (This is an ACSM position stand, so it is pretty high-sci)

You can hear from a true expert on exercise in a hot environment in this video. Dr. Brent Ruby is the director of the Center for Work Physiology and Environmental Metabolism at the University of Montana. The guy on the treadmill is Tim Hampton, one of my former students and now a graduate student in Dr. Ruby’s lab.

Marathon Minute: Overheating, not dehydration, is the danger [Via KECI]

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