Health by the numbers

There are many numbers you know (or should know) that are important to your health. Your blood pressure, total cholesterol, and body weight are a few.

But did you know that the numbers 0, 5, 10, 25, and 30 are just as important for good health? Any one of these numbers can reduce your risk of chronic disease and death. Combining all of them greatly improves your health and longevity.

You can learn more about these numbers, and how you can use them to improve your health, in my Health & Fitness column in the Aiken Standard this week.

Then, you can learn more about what these numbers represent at the links below:

If you smoke, you can learn more about the Health effects of smoking and get Information about smoking cessation.

Information about the importance of including fruits and vegetables in your diet as well as General nutrition guidelines for good health.

Check out the current Physical activity guidelines and a host of tools to help you become more active.

You can determine your body mass index (BMI) using this BMI calculator and get more information about losing weight and maintaining a healthy body weight.

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