Realistic advice for a healthy Thanksgiving.

Let’s face it…Thanksgiving isn’t the healthiest of holidays. It usually involves some combination of food, relaxing, watching the parade or a football game, and more food. Then it’s time for leftover turkey sandwiches and more pie.

I’m sure you have seen the  recommendations about how to make Thanksgiving a bit more healthy which usually include avoiding high-fat and high-calorie foods, limiting your portion sizes, and skipping dessert. While this is good advice, it isn’t realistic. After all, Thanksgiving is a day for food and family, not counting calories.

I think a better approach is to accept that you will overeat on Thanksgiving and not worry about the food so much. Instead, focus on including activity in your day. Going for a walk before dinner can help reduce the effect the meal has on your blood lipids and going for a walk after dinner gets you out of the house and away from the food.

The end result is that a little activity can make your Thanksgiving a bit healthier. And if you make going for a walk (or two) every day a habit, the health benefits will extend into the New Year.

This is the topic of my Health & Fitness column in the Aiken Standard this week. Go ahead, check it out.

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