My son, the Michigan State Police, and healthy choices at McDonald’s

Earlier this evening my family went for a bike ride. That’s when my son got pulled over by the Michigan State Police and was given a ticket!

He was pulled over for being safe by wearing a helmet and the “ticket” was a card for a free ice cream cone at McDonald’s.

It is part of a program that rewards kids for being safe and wearing a helmet when they ride a bike. Since we were all wearing helmets, my oldest son (and his two younger brothers) got “tickets” from the police officer.

It was when we got home and I looked at the card more closely that I noticed something nice—the card is good for either a free ice cream cone OR apple slices.

icecream_or_apples Bike_helmet

I’m sure almost all kids will pick the cone (I know my kids will!), but it’s nice to have a healthy option.

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