Replacing sedentary time with physical activity–at the bar!

I’m a big fan of finding ways to turn sedentary time into opportunities to be active. At home, this includes spending less time sitting watching television and more time up and moving. Even getting off the couch during commercials can make a difference. At work, using a standing desk, holding walking meetings, and taking frequent activity breaks are good ways to limit sitting time.

But what about when you meet your friends at the bar for a drink. Even though alcohol consumption (in moderation, of course) can have health benefits, the fact that you are sitting doesn’t do you any favors.

Problem solved! I was in Indianapolis last week for the American College of Sports Medicine annual meeting when I happened to see this:


It’s called the HandleBar Pedal Pub and it is a mobile bar. Like most bars, there is a bartender who serves drinks. But unlike most bars, the patrons pedal while they drink. There is also a driver, presumably a designated driver, who makes sure they don’t hit anything.  You can learn more at

Now you can combine happy hour with exercise time!

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