Expert weight loss advice (but not from me)

I was invited to speak to the Augusta Family Y Team Lean weight loss challenge participants last evening. The topic was exercise for weight loss. I put together a nice presentation that included important facts, practical advice, and a few funny (to me, at least) jokes. Since this is something I talk and write about a lot, I imagined that I would come off as a real expert.

Before I began, a couple who won the Team Lean competition last year shared their story and their secrets for success. Together they have lost 220 pounds in the past year (100 lbs. for her, 120 lbs. for him). They explained how they changed their diet and started exercising. Their emphasis was on how beneficial exercise was to their weight loss and their overall health. Their journey from dedicated non-exercisers to a couple who runs half marathons (her) and completes triathlons (him) was inspiring and taught a valuable lesson about the importance of exercise in losing weight and keeping it off. The true experts had spoken!

And then I took the stage and shared important facts, practical advice, and a few funny (to me, at least) jokes about exercise and weight loss.

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