The 8th Wonder

The 8th Wonder is a burger from  the Clinton Station Diner in Clinton, NJ.


Predictably, they don’t provide nutrition information. But assuming they use lean (80%/20%) ground beef, 50 lbs. is about 55,000 calories! I have no idea how many calories are in a bun large enough for a burger of that size or how many pounds of cheese would be required, but it is safe to say that the deluxe version is a 60,000+ calorie burger.

At $335.95, that is almost 180 calories per dollar. Compared to a Big Mac at about 150 calories per dollar, the 8th Wonder is a bargain!

Thanks to Josh Sellner, a former student and outstanding personal trainer, for sharing this with me. I’m sure he would want me to mention that he opted for the Olympus burger–only 50 lbs!

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