Would you like Pink Slime with that burger?

My latest column in the Aiken Standard is about “pink slime,” the additive, formally known as lean finely-textured beef, which is found in much of the ground beef we eat and buy. Since this product is approved for use in meat and is (apparently) safe, many of us have eaten it over the years without knowing it.

But, thanks to a recent ABC News segment from early March, pretty much everyone knows about pink slime. Although that segment is credited with starting the recent controversy over pink slime, it has been in the media over the years, including Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution almost a year ago. If you would like to learn more about pink slime, read this update and expert commentary on the most recent pink slime developments.

Then think about this: What other foods that we commonly eat also have equally disturbing additives in them that we just don’t know about?

Bon appetit!

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